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Hajj Flemings, ‘The Brand Yu Life.”


Once upon a time Hajj Flemings was a mechanical engineer at the Ford Motor company in Detroit, Michigan. But he always had that entrepreneur wild hair.

He left the Motor City for a time and became what he calls a brand strategist, telling others how to get on the map in a brand new online world. He believes everyone should stay ahead of the curve no matter what your day job is.

“Helping people to kind of walk that path, really I think has been really, really fun, because from a digital standpoint people are going to go look for certain bits of information and if you don’t have the right key words or if it’s not tagged properly then you’re get filtered out of opportunities without even being a part of the conversation,” he said.

Hajj stared a branding university.

“So my goal was, at the end of the day if I can provide value, if I can impact people’s lives and I can do something I love doing, then I think that’s where the magic happens. People who are extremely successful, they’re able to solve certain problems better than anyone else. So I focused on this problem and I began to see that it was resonating with people, and so we’ve been very fortunate to be able to expand some of the things that we’re doing.”

Hajj Flemings has written a book about how to brand yourself called “The Brand Yu Life: Rethinking who you are through personal brand management.”

Deeper into our interview, we talked a little politics and he didn’t completely take himself out of that journey. You’ll hear what he had to say about that too by watching the full video above.