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Happy Father’s Day, Connecticut!


After a week of steady rain here in Connecticut, it’s wonderful that it looks like we’ll finally have some great weather for Fathers’ Day weekend. Now last weekend there was a “flood “of activities (pun intended) to do on CT Open House Day, but that’s true of virtually EVERY weekend with transportation, a picnic lunch and maybe a library pass to a favorite museum!

I’m looking forward to going on an adventure this Sunday and taking the kids to a museum or activity. Maybe we’ll go to the Carousel Museum in Bristol then enjoy a Carousel ride at Bushnell Park, America’s first park.? There is so much history behind the Bushnell family and you can read more about them HERE.Maybe we’ll go see some animals or fish at a zoo or aquarium? It’s as fun for me as it is for them (sometimes even more so if we go to an art museum)!

What are YOU planning on doing this weekend? Or, if you’re reading this after Fathers Day has passed, let us know what you did! We’d love to know!