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Historic Wooster Square in New Haven


New Haven Museum held the opening reception to their exhibit “Beyond the New Township: Wooster Square!”

Wooster Square is a wonderful area of New Haven of great historical, cultural and architectural significance and was New Haven’s first designated historic district. Renowned for its Cherry Blossom Festival it may be even more renowned for its pizzerias! There seems to be so much going on here, it’s almost as if an entire Nutmeg Junction trolley line could travel just Wooster Square and have plenty to do throughout the year!

In addition to the new Wooster Square exhibit, the New Haven Museum enjoys many important permanent exhibits such as the Amistad Gallery which, according to their website, is “the most significant collection of material from the Amistad affair”. This alone is worth a trip to the museum and we will definitely have a longer post and possibly cartoon specifically about how we can learn more about the Amistad affair right here in Connecticut.

We think it’s worth a trip to visit New Haven one of these weekends during the summer and when you do, make it a point to visit the New Haven Museum and Wooster Square!