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It’s The Rosenthals of Guilford!

The Rosenthals

A Guilford, Connecticut father and son are headed out on the road with a brand new bluegrass album.

Dad Phil Rosenthal, a guitar and banjo player, has quite a musical resume as a singer song writer. One of his songs was made famous by Johnny Cash.

Son Daniel, a graduate of the New England Conservatory, is making his way in the world playing the trumpet.

“When you play trumpet you can’t discriminate when people call because it’s not the most sought after instrument ever,” Dnaiel said. “It’s not like playing the guitar or something like that, so you just have to learn to play every type of music and take what comes.”

“He came home from school one day — I think he was in the 5th grade — and he announced that they had done a demonstration of various intruments and he really wanted to learn the trumpet,” Phil said. “I have to admit my dream was that he would take up the banjo or the fiddle, but we said okay, we’ll rent one and see how serious you are. And we rented one and he was obsessed with it. Just from the start he really loved the trumpet.”

These two have a wonderful father-son repoire.

You can learn more about this father-and-son team attherosenthals.org . You can buy The Rosenthals FLY AWAY on Amazon or iTunes .