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Cindy Barbieri Is Cookin Up Something Great

BONKkUXCEAA9U8aShe said goodbye to corporate life, a company she built, and decided to go for her real passion, cooking, to be the chef that everybody knows.

From the time Cindy Barbieri was a little girl, it was her Italian Nanna’s cooking that jazzed her the most.

She has her book titled  “Cindy’s Table,” her website , is on TV as much as folks will have her on because she’s got big goals.

“I’m going national, and I’m going there. I’ve been working very hard, I have a great publicist, I have a team, and we’re just doing all the right things. We’re blogging, we’re cooking, we’re on all the affiliates, we’re really taking that passion and making it happen. I’m getting that exposure,” said Barbieri.

But Barbieri is different than the other home chefs on TV.

“I have the experience, I know what it’s like to not have a lot of money, and we have to make meals for the week, because we’re not going to go out to dinner and I want to make it special, and make it gourmet so my kids feel like they’re eating this fabulous meal. I can be creative, I can open up a refrigerator, and come up with a full course meal,” said Barbieri.

The book can be purchased on http://www.cindystable.com/ or Amazon athttp://amzn.to/19G1695 .