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Eartha Kitt’s “Kitt”

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 The legendary entertainer Eartha Kitt called Connecticut home for many years until her death on Christmas Day in 2008. She had just one child, whom she named “Kitt.”

Daughter Kitt talked about the star’s young life, how she was discovered by Orson Welles and what it was like watching her mother work a room in Hollywood and Europe, and the lessons she learned coming from her meager beginnings.

“I think my Mother was just very curious,” Kitt said. “She wanted to meet Albert Einstein and so she asked her agents to set up a meeting and they were, like, Albert Einstein is not going to meet with you, that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. So she said ask him, and they did, and he said yes, and so she went to Princeton and sat with him for hours.

“I was telling the kids, my children one day when they found a picture, a menu from Winston Churchill, a luncheon that my Mother went to with him and his wife and he signed it and his wife signed it, and there’s a picture with Winston Churchill and my Mother and I said to them, I bet you that none of your friends can say that their grandmother had lunch with Winston Churchill, can you imagine.”

There are a lot of fun stories that Kitt tells in the interview, pull up a chair and walk down memory lane with her.

Kitt is now building a lifestyle brand called SimplyEartha.com in tribute to her mom. She’s also on Facebook and Twitter @KittShapiro