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L.M. Browning Creates Publishing House


Connecticut author and poet, L.M. Browning started writing in earnest at the age of 15, and at 18 she started sending her work out to try to get it published. Browning discussed what she did to make sure her books were on the shelves after she started getting turned down.

“I got back a lot of good feedback from publishers and editors, they were like, we like this, but we don’t know how to market you, so they had to turn me down, so that lead me to create Homebound Publications,” said Browning.

“It actually started when I was 18 and I wrote by first poetry collection, which I never published, I scrolled at the bottom of the manuscript homebound publications, so if I ever opened my own publishing house that’s what I would call it. So, it started as a scribble at the bottom of a journal and now it’s established. We are publishing authors and it’s surreal sometimes,” said Browning. “We publish what I like to call contemplative literature, a lot of people say that’s a very broad term, all literature is contemplative, what makes you different, and I always say we want to publish books that are going to be on your night stand for a couple of years. It’s not a novel that you’re going to pick up at a supermarket, we want to publish something that’s going to make you think.”

For more information, go to http://homeboundpublications.com/