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Nutmeg Junction in Connecticut’s “Little Poland”

little poland colorThe Nutmeg Junction trolley was invited to travel to Little Poland, which is the Broad Street section of New Britain and we gladly accepted the invite! It’s a wonderful community and really defines the essence of the term “neighborhood”. There are neighborhood delis, neighborhood groceries, neighborhood meat stores, neighborhood bakeries and neighborhood restaurants all within this one particular area. A common sight in this area is a Polish flag alongside the United State flag. I enjoyed seeing at the post office that the word is written in Polish.

During our visit we ate some paczki (prune filling) and some ice cream! I enjoyed checking out the newspapers and magazines (all in Polish) and there was an enormous variety of food to try. There was so much to do and see and experience that we’ve decided to visit next week and enjoy a sit down meal at a restaurant.

Our trolley in the New Britain/Bristol area is Nutmeg Junction Joey. We gave him a makeover with new colors befitting a trip to Little Poland!

Thank you for inviting us to Little Poland. You can find their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Little-Poland-New-Britain-Connecticut/222755084430473

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Here’s more from “Little Poland.” Enjoy!

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    I love Ann’s video segment about Little Poland!