SSgt Mike Malarsie Is A Hero


Retired Air Force veteran, Michael Malarsie is an American hero. He lost his sight at age 22 in 2010 in an instant when an improvised explosive device, or IED, blew up while he was serving the nation in Khandahar, Afghanistan.

Four of his friends who were with him died beside him.

Today, with the help of a Fidelco Guide dog named Xxon, this father of three plans new to lead a new life speaking about his life to inspire others.

“This whole situation, it still seems like something that has happened to someone else and I’m just sort of sitting in on it,” Malarsie said. “I absolutely appreciate the gratitude that people show, I understand it completely, because I feel that way toward other veterans that I meet. In my mind I was just doing exactly what I signed up to do; I knew the risks, but I am very grateful to see how people have come together to support people like me coming back.”

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Michael has a wife, three kids, and now he’s started something called .

“ is kind of the next chapter of life. As I was going through the recovery and was still in the military I got to go out and do a lot of speaking at different military events and charity events. And there was one incident where after I was done I was walking back out to the car that we came in and a lady came up to me in tears and gave me this great big hug and told me that she was so grateful for me for sharing my story. It has touched my life, and I didn’t really consider it until that point how my story could help people who are dealing with challenges and difficulties in their own lives, and after that day I went forth with the serious thought of making speaking a career.”

All I can say is book him; he is an amazing young man.

For the rest of his interview watch the video.