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Thursday Nights In Torrington

main street marketplaceIf you’re not in Torrington on Thursday nights, you’re missing out on a SUMMER ADVENTURE!

On Thursday Nights the streets in Torrington come alive as Main Street Market Place opens for business!  There is a festival spirit as visitors both young and old enjoy listening to many amazing musicians, savoring the food and drinks from a wide variety of establishments and appreciate the local art scene!
In the Arts corner, there’s the Five Points Gallery where an installation was taking place. The art is subversive and takes a pointed look at pop culture. Across the street is THE ARTS DESIRE (where I get all of my art supplies, I like to support the local business and they provide exceptional customer service). There is a Juried exhibit going on at The Artwell Gallery  and we’re all waiting for the new Cupcake store to open!
There’s the Warner Theater which is about to put on SHREK the musical!
We witnessed an amazing performance by the Torrington CT Fire Performers and we saw local artists like Julia Sloan of Brazen Betties, Nancy Johnston of “Lucky in Kentucky” and we saw fellow blogger Poet in the Pantry herself, Carrie Vibert!
So come on down to Torrington NEXT Thursday. Who knows who you’ll see and what adventure YOU’LL enjoy!


  1. Home Place
    Posted July 12, 2013 at 10:24 pm | Permalink

    What great memories this brings back! When I was growing up, downtown New Haven was THE place to be on Thursday nights. We’d walk around for hours and shop and visit!

    I’m lucky enough now that the tradition continues in my little town of Branford, albeit not necessarily on a certain night. In the late 80s our first selectman revitalized our downtown area and the surrounding green, and I must say, since then we’ve had a outpouring of great little stores, restaurants, boutiques, and specialty shops. I love the way the town now feels so “alive” at night.

    It sounds like Torrington is the same way…and I absolutely loved the pictorial you posted on facebook a few weeks back highlighting the beautiful architecture in your wonderful city!

    But I now I simply have to ask…how did you know it was Carrie? Did you recognize one another?

  2. Posted July 13, 2013 at 8:21 am | Permalink

    Hi Bonnie! Yes. I’m pretty good with people, remember faces and names and such. But Carrie (who is http://WWW.POETINTHEPANTRY.COM ) had POSTED she was going to be there. So it wasn’t totally out of the blue . Thanks to the wonders of internet social media, it’s like I knew her already. It’s the same with YOU! I felt we knew each other before we actually met at the blogger meet in Fairfield!