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It’s Nice To Live In Brookfield, Connecticut

995134_532906010109951_1452414501_n“Due south of New Milford and northeast from Danbury lies the idyllic town of Brookfield, Connecticut. Home to former Governor Jodi Rell, Brookfield’s storied past is celebrated at the very special Brookfield Historical Society. Open noon to 4 on Saturdays or by appointment, the Brookfield Historical Society is located in the former Town House-Library building and showcases the fascinating 225 year history of the area. We learned of the Center school, a special but contentious historical flag and the former White Turkey Inn. Of particular interest to a cartoonist was the section that featured the work of illustrator S. Cole Bradley, whose iconic work celebrated the town.

As an extra treat, we enjoyed a special exhibit there that featured the autographs from Hollywood legends collected by Mildred, a longtime resident of the area. When she was a child she wrote to the stars of the golden age of Hollywood and that was a time when the stars very kindly wrote back! How wonderful it was to see letters from Alfred Hitchcock, Abbott and Costello, signed publicity photos of Spencer Tracy, Hedy Lamarr and Rita Hayworth. So here’s to Brookfield, Connecticut. Happy 225 years and may the next 225 years be just as wonderful!”

Oh, and by the way, a new survey by CNN named Brookfield among the top 50 best small towns in which to live in America!