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Ivy Baer Sherman’s “Vintage Magazine”


Vintage Magazine is a portable museum. Fashioned after a magazine called “Flair” from 1950, which only lasted one year, Ivy Baer Sherman decided to develop a new and improved interactive magazine at a time when magazines were going under.

 To date, Sherman has four issues under her belt that tell us about history in a fun and inviting way and each one is a delight, a surprise to its Readers. Put together by hand in New Hampshire, you have to see this to believe it, a true masterpiece.

In “Vintage”  things pop up and slide out,  there are moving pieces in each edition and it’s no wonder it has won numerous awards.

Sherman talks about her printed baby which she intends to keep around a whole lot longer than “Flair’s” one year.

At $25.00 a copy it will be on your coffee table for years to come. Where do you learn more? Right here: http://vintagezine.com/