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“Just Ordinary Moms”

bridge 191

Eight women from the Farmington Valley area of Connecticut gave up their day jobs to write books. They call themselves “Just Ordinary Moms.”

Between them, they have 16 children and the stories are endless about bringing up kids.

“We have one on just ordinary military moms, and ordinary pets. That’s the theme, I guess, that we can all relate to. It’s kind of a play on the word ordinary because we’re saying that people who are ordinary do extraordinary things. And, motherhood is taken for granted, and we were saying, what should we call it. We’re just moms, who are we, we think we can write a book.”bridge 209

“I think all of us said I’m just a mom and there were women a head of us that had raised their children who said, don’t ever say you’re just a mom, you’re more than just a mom. We do try and do extraordinary things because we do love our children so much so it does make our days that are ordinary become extraordinary,” said the moms.

For more information, justordinarymoms.com