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New Britain’s Public Library Is A Treasure

1150174_528961143837771_545238021_nNutmeg Junction extends a heart-felt thank you to New Britain Public Library.

Libraries are the heartbeat of any community and the New Britain Public Library is that and more, an absolute treasure. The structure is literally three buildings in one and in the eyes of many of the locals is a cathedral to learning…a real beacon in town. There are books and periodicals for all ages and so much more!

The venue holds a variety of events for children and adults every month. The NBPL goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide resources to its patrons in the greater New Britain area. We traveled to the library many times this summer and each visit we witnessed tremendous hospitality.The computer room each time we visited was filled to the brims with those eager to learn. The children’s area was a hub of activity too. We especially loved the enormous canvases of classic fairytale scenes.

Nutmeg Junction is so grateful to be able to display our artwork at the New Britain Public Library throughout July. We are grateful to the staff for their assistance. The NBPL team is courteous and professional.

The photo you see here is a shot of the acrylic painting which will be given to the NBPL.