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Connecticut’s Jose Feliciano


Nine time Grammy award winner, Puerto Rican born Jose Feliciano, stopped by “Nyberg” to chat while  in the middle of a world tour.

Feliciano, a kind -hearted, gracious jokester, has been a long time Connecticut resident. At the age of nine, he taught himself to play the guitar and the rest is history.

“The guitar just gave me, when I listen to it, I fell in love with it. It was like a calling. It was like meeting this really hot out-of-site chick, and falling head over heels for her. You know, that’s what happened to me when I played the guitar,” said Feliciano. “Well, I didn’t do too much. I played Spanish songs that were happening but I taught myself chords like, you know and I learned, and then I started just to play Spanish songs that I learned.”

“About thirteen, I would play rock and roll, things like Chuck Barry, sure “Johnny Be Good” that you would hear on the radio and I would hear it on the air and I would copy it. Then as I got older, I would go to Sam Goody’s and I would buy records by Andre Sagovoia and I would listen to them and I would play, whatever I would play, listened rather, I listened right way and so I taught myself classical guitar,” said Feliciano.

Feliciano performed “Light My Fire,” the theme song to the TV show “Chico and the Man, a tune for his wife Susan, and a new song soon to come out.

For more information, visit his website at http://josefeliciano.com/wp/.