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Classic Diners of Connecticut


Who doesn’t love a diner? Just released is a book about diners in this state called “Classic Diners of Connecticut.”

Did you know that we have more modern diners, post 1960, than any other New England state?

The author, Garrison Leykam, talked about what makes these eateries so special.

“I go to the diners and I talk with the owners. I record the conversations…about what these diners in our state are all about. The whole idea was, I didn’t want to write a diner book that was just about architecture and manufacture. All that stuff is important when you say this is a classic diner. But, this book, I set out to capture what’s the secret sauce of what makes a classic diner and I always went back to that experience I had as a kid. The magic of community and family because a diner is the one place if you go to the counter, you could have a circuit court judge talking to a construction worker, talking to an attorney, talking to a news anchor. I’m hanging out there a lot. Let me tell ya, I’m surprised our paths didn’t cross but that was the magic for me,” said Leykam.

This is a great little book which also has diner lingo in it from the days of the short order cook and some recipes from your favorite diners too.

To purchase the book, click here.

Oh, and by the way, Leykam also has his own show called Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys, you have to check this out!