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Coastal Connecticut Magazine


There’s a new magazine in the state called “Coastal Connecticut.” Those who have just put out the first edition are pushing forward with  print in a digital world, their mission to spotlight Connecticut’s community and really get under the hood, to tell you a lot more than you knowabout anything.

138 magazines have been launched in the county so far in 2013, Editor in Chief, John Gaffney, and Creative in Chief, Leslie Singer, discussed what they are trying to do with Coastal Connecticut to set it apart from the rest, to make it successful.

Gaffney told me, “I have to give credit to our publisher, Mark Spehar. He had a vision to have something that’s tactile. If you’re going to live here, I mean, it’s so much about being outside and experiencing how you live here, and to do this digitally, you have have come up a little flat. Although we will.”

“To your point, that a lot of magazines start with the idea that we’re going to go digital and be a lot of different things, we wanted to be a real experience, something you can hold in your hand and read.”

They want to be a coffee table magazine and they’re doing two this year in 2013.  The goal is to do six or eight more in 2014 and eventually make it a monthly.

The holiday issue is coming out in November.

For more information, visit their website at http://www.coastalctmag.com.