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The Honey Bee Company Goes Global

Honey jars with 5 pounder-cropA bee keeper in Clinton, Connecticut is doing his part to save honey bees and to teach the craft to many in Africa in order for them to build a business, which in turn makes money for villages there.

Ned Farrell, who learned the trade in the Peace Corp, in rural Paraguay, talked about his pilot plan which he hopes will go global to help others.

“We’re bringing together these three different aspects, funding, complete funding for them, and all the knowledge that they need to do this and follow up because this is not just a one time drop thing, like it was when I was in South America. This is an ongoing communication. We’re working with a couple other organizations that are already working with the schools for orphans. We’re going to be able to help out three different communities start three different bee keeping businesses,” said Farrell.

This plan will help the schools for orphans.

“They’re going to help out with this, be able to build businesses, bring money in that they don’t have now, is the purpose. The bee keeping businesses are going to be people in each of the three communities. The orphanages or school for orphans are going to benefit by getting honey and bees wax. Honey for food and bees wax for all the things. We don’t use bees wax in the United States anymore. We don’t do much by hand but in other parts of the world for wood working, for art work, for sewing, for leather work. Beeswax has a lot of different uses, and we don’t think about that,” said Farrell.

Farrell is crowd funding this project through http.www.StartSomeGood.com/BeeHappy

For more information on the Bee Happy Co. visit their website at http://happiary.com/.