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WCBS News Radio’s, Joe Connolly

bridge 242If you listen to WCBS News Radio  as you’re headed down the highway, you have probably heard Joe Connolly ‘s small business reports, pearls of information that anyone can use in their daily lives.

Connolly came on NYBERG this week to talk about what he sees in business over the long haul, and what he thinks about when he crafts his business reports.

“One of the best ways to write good copy is to make believe it’s an email to a friend,” he said, “because sometimes I’ll write a story all day and I’ll be emailing a friend later and they’ll say what were you talking about today. And I’ll email it and I’ll go ‘Oh Man, I wish I wrote it that way on the air.’ I always find a way to write it better afterwards.

“Another good one is just to ask yourself ‘what am I trying to say here’. And another good one is to just imagine that you’re blurting out this story to somebody. What would you say? And another good one is to just get up and walk around for two minutes.

“It’s amazing how just walking out onto the street will make the story fall into mind for you. One time when I used to work in Times Square, and we all still used to smoke inside the newsroom … I’d go down to the sidewalk and I would stand there on 40th street and I’d see people walking past — you know, typical New York street scene; some look happy, some look sad, some looked busy — and I stand there with my friend from the RKO Radio Network and I’d think to myself of the 15 stories that I have that I’m working with on the desk upstairs, of the 15 stories that I’m working with, which one would that man care about.”

To hear the rest of Connolly’s interview click on the video above. And follow Joe on Twitter at@JoeConnollyWSJ