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Goodness Is Happening in Torrington, CT

1458411_579631615437390_910741301_n“Well Deserved Win!” Regular readers of Nutmeg Junction may recognize the fact that S & S Sweet Treats has been drawn twice in four days, the first was for the “suspended coffee” program in which you pay for your coffee and pay it forward for somebody else in paying for another cup. There is a great reason why we are spotlighting this small business again.

There’s a move underway in Torrington called a “Cash Mob” instead of the well known “Flash Mob” where people show up at a certain date/time and dance or sing. A “Cash Mob” is when people show up at a certain business at a date/time frame and support the business with their patronage. The Torrington version of this was created in the facebook group the T-Town Torrington Chatter and was organized by Tony the trolley’s illustrator “J. Timothy Quirk.” Last month’s “Cash Mob” winner was Alfredo’s Deli. More than 140 customers flooded into the eatery as part of the “Cash Mob” program.

This current month, November, 2013, 1222 votes were cast between 17 nominated businesses. The winner of the Cash mob…was S & S Sweet Treats. Why is this so special? Because the owner/proprietor Tina Sessa has come to Torrington with energy and vigor and a wish for all of Torrington, that the businesses thrive and prosper. Tina has taken great steps to help the community become a better place. She has held fundraisers for non profits and school programs even on profitable summer nights. And she’s taking part too in the coat drive and the “suspended coffee” program. The Torrington voters recognized that and voted overwhelmingly for S & S Sweet Treats. She got 219 votes… second place winner received 119. Congratulations to all of the participants. There there will be next month of course to try again. But we wanted to take some time out especially to recognize Tina Sessa for all she is doing for the community this is a case where good things happen to good people in Torrington, Connecticut.

You might thing about embracing the “Cash Mob” in your community.