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Nutmeg Junction, “Suspended Coffee” in Torrington, CT

1391963_578121685588383_301588135_nNutmeg Junction, for the next two weeks will be taking you on a tour of Torrington, Connecticut. We are going to spotlight the city in located in the northwestern corner of Connecticut.  Torrington is a burgeoning arts hub, it has the heart and soul to become an epicenter of an even larger movement. There is a sense of community and fellowship that has taken on a life of its own and is transforming the way in which the city and its cultures functions. There is a spirit of partnership between businesses and city government aided by its citizens who care deeply about Torrington and want to see it succeed.

So, each day, you’ll see a new cartoon about something in “T-Town” that will excite you to want to explore the city for yourself. This first cartoon is about the “Suspended Coffee” campaign. There is a facebook group that formed called the T-Town Torrington Chatter, founded by Skip Hoxie. One idea of proactive engagement was created by Shawn Hart. He is offering up to the facebook group the European idea of a Suspended Coffee . How does this work? When you buy a cup of coffee for yourself, you can also then choose to pay it forward and buy a cup of joe for someone else, a complete stranger who couldn’t afford it.

Tina Sessa of S & S Sweet Treats in Torrington is doing this…she implemented the program. Together, Tina and Shawn have created the system of vouchers that can be purchased and the vouchers are then given to the so-called “FISH” program. As as of this date over 100 suspended coffees are ready for the community for those that need a little helping hand. This is just one of many programs that will help Torrington become a brighter star in the state of Connecticut. Want to learn more? Check out ttownchatter.wordpress.com for more information!

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  1. Home Place
    Posted November 10, 2013 at 8:26 pm | Permalink

    What a great idea! So glad that your group has found many ways to give back to the community!