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Shoulder-To-Shoulder Torrington Is Being Lifted

1000270_582282751838943_1248549356_nTorrington is a city on the move as young entrepreneurs come to the city to start their small businesses, and they may be small businesses but they have big hearts. One of the newest businesses on the block is First Act Bakery, which is across the street from the Warner Theatre and the toy store and is on the same block as to KidsPlay Museum for children.

First Act Bakery has joined into the community spirit with fervor.  At the special request of a patron who finds inspiration of the historically important figure known as John Brown, the Bakery has created a specialty known as John Brownies which are so popular they literally can not keep them in stock. Clearly a name like First Act Bakery allows patrons of the Warner Theater to consider a visit before the show, but there are so many ways and reasons to visit this bakery. On a weekend morning, there’s nothing like the sweet smell of baked goods made with love. So if you visit to Torrington, try stopping in for a brownie or slice of pie-you’ll be glad you did!