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America’s First Law School Was In Connecticut

1478986_598072423593309_1693544773_nIn beautiful Litchfield, Connecticut stands a monument to the legal profession: the first American law school. The Tapping Reeve School was integral in the careers. According to the Litchfield Historical Society:

“The Litchfield Law School launched the careers of many well-known Americans including two vice-presidents, 101 United States congressmen, twenty-eight United States senators, six cabinet members, three justices of the United States supreme court, fourteen governors and thirteen chief justices of state supreme courts.”

Tapping Reeve’s brother-in-law was Aaron Burr who stayed in Litchfield for a time. According to the Litchfield Historical Society, the lessons originally were in the parlor of the house. When the number of students increased, the one room schoolhouse was built out to accommodate the training. More than 1,100 students attended the school before it closed in 1833.

The Litchfield Historical Society has compiled a list of all who studied here. Those in the legal profession or studying law in Connecticut should make a visit to Litchfield to learn how the first law school got it’s start!

This is a seasonal museum. The Reeve House and Law School open every April. The research library is open year round T-F 10 to 12 and 1 to 4.

On behalf of all of us at Nutmeg Junction and Network Connecticut, Merry Christmas, Connecticut!