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Network Connecticut and Nutmeg Junction…All Aboard!!!

1524023_605350779532140_99793387_o2013 was a fantastic year for us at Nutmeg Junction. We’d like to take the time to say thank you to all our family and friends who have liked our cartoons and shared our posts along the way. We want to especially thank Ann Nyberg for hosting our cartoon and sharing it with a greater Connecticut audience. If you have a special or favorite cartoon you saw this year, we’d love to hear from you to find out which one you liked best and why! We loved the artwork being hosted in the Register Citizen cafe (February); our artwork was showcased at the New Britain Library (July) and showcased at the Arts Desire in Torrington (October). We are grateful for the articles about our work in the Register Citizen and New Britain Herald. And especially, we treasure our exclusive interview with Ann Nyberg (the article and then video is here in this link): http://networkconnecticut.com/2013/05/all-aboard-on-nutmeg-junction/ So 2013 was a wonderful year for us. THANK YOU! What’s in store for Nutmeg Junction in 2014? Well let me ask you, do you live in a fabulous town? Are you a fan of the theatre and would love to see that theatre in cartoon form? Is there a favorite bookstore you love to visit or are you an author who will be on book tour? What about museums-are you going to host a particular exhibit this year and you want to share the message? And of course we love libraries, what’s your favorite? If the place you love is in Connecticut, we want to hear from you! Post a message, send us an email at NUTMEGJUNCTION@GMAIL.COM Where would you like to see Tony visit? We’ll review the answers and some may be selected for a cartoon in 2014!