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Get Moving Again With Hamden’s Dr Rich Diana

Dr.-Rich-DianaWe’re living longer than ever these days but we want to live well. Hamden’s Dr. Rich Diana is a former NFL running back who played in Superbowl 17 with the Miami Dolphins and who became an orthopedic surgeon.

Now, he’s also an author of the book “Healthy Joints for Life” to help you stay as fit as possible.

“It can take years off your life, just because your joins are in trouble.  If you want pain relief, you go and get it. You’re going to have to work for it a little bit. You’re going to have to eat some different things, perhaps you change your diet a little bit. You may realize you have to exercise, you can’t not exercise and expect your joints to be okay and you’re going to take supplements probably. Maybe doubting Thomas’s all over the place, but the there’s scientific research behind these particular supplements that we’re recommending,” said Diana.

Dr. Diana says the book was written to help you change your lifestyle and keep moving.

To purchase the book, click HERE