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Pink and Blue: A Look Into the BRCA Gene In Men

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Alan Blassberg, formerly of West Hartford, Connecticut is now a producer-director in Los Angeles, California. He has shot a lot of “reality” programs over the last fourteen years, but his own reality is a story you just can’t make up,  it centers around cancer, a lot of it.

Blassberg’s Grandmother, Aunt, and sister, Sammy all died from cancer. And it turns out that his sister Lisa and he as well, have tested positive for the BRCA 2 gene. Lisa had ovarian surgery after learning this information and also had a double mastectomy. Alan continues to be watched for cancer and has regular mammograms.

Alan is now taking his skills and making a documentary, concentrating on “male” breast cancer, because people don’t talk about it and so he is going to. His movie is called “Pink and Blue.” Alan is on a mission to get this movie to the big screen to a film festival to get the word out that cancer is all around us and to be educated about it is a way to arm yourself against it.