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Saving The Dudley Farm

Saving_the_farm_cover_sm-200x300James Powers is a history teacher at Guilford High School. Years back he was romanced by the Dudley Farm in the northern part of town.

The centuries-old farm has been given to a local church and volunteer fire company.

Powers jumped in with others and helped restore it. He then wrote a book called “Saving the Farm.” It’s all about preserving the past.

“I like to think that I do this with my students in the high school. I want people to understand that those who lived in the past were just like us. They got up in the morning. They ate their meals. They went to work. They had their joys, they had their struggles, but they tried to do the best they can and that’s really what history is all about. It’s not just George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. But it’s the day to day people, and that was one of the things when I was writing “Saving the Farm” I was determined to do. I wanted to make each generation, somebody from each generation come alive,” said Powers.

Powers say the past gives all of us a sense of place. So many lessons are learned by delving into what was.

To buy the book, click here.