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Waterbury’s Mattatuck Museum Is Expanding!


Through their interactive exhibits and galleries, the many visitors of the Mattatuck Museum experience the western region of Connecticut’s history, art and culture. For 135 years, the Mattatuck has maintained that vision and has been an essential element in this area of Connecticut. What’s exciting is that the Mattatuck has a strategic plan for 2014 through 2017 they intend to ensure the Mattatuck expands to the next level as a vibrant destination for those in the New England region, not just locally. Their plan includes expanding both physically (in terms of usage of space) and expanding their reach even further into the community. They intend on providing show stopper exhibits (which they are currently planning) and an increase in technology and outreach.photo_about

This will be an exciting time to see the Mattatuck become the “Smithsonian of the Nutmeg state” (my words, not theirs!). Both inside and outside of the museum, there are visual treats for the visitors. In fact the building itself is a work of art! You can become immersed in the history of Waterbury on the first floor, experience the wondrous art exhibits in the second floor, of have fun seeing the button gallery on the top floor. There are programs provided for the community that are fun and engaging and every visit is different and unique. The current exhibit of the work of Alex Katz is on loan from the Whitney Museum of American Art (how about that-the Whitney Museum comes to the Brass City!). Check out his artwork and the Albert Bierstadt exhibit of the east coast paintings. So come see the Mattatuck for an adventure in learning, there’s something for everyone here!