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Casey Sherman~Best Selling Author


From a TV news producer to New York Times best-selling author, Casey Sherman is climbing the ladder of success.

One of his latest works, “The Finest Hours,” the story of an amazing U.S. Coast Guard rescue during a Nor’easter will soon be a movie produced by Disney.

Sherman first put pen to paper in a book called “A Rose For Mary.” It’s about how he helped police solve the case involving the last victim of Albert De Salvo, the Boston strangler. The last victim was his mother’s 19-year-old sister, Mary.


“To me, it’s all about the story with “A Rose For Mary.” I was telling a family story. There is crime in it, but you find a connection, how does a family seek justice on its own terms when everybody else does not allow them to and that’s the story that I told. I told a story about a bond between two sisters, and it’s interesting. Women, especially women, who belong to book clubs, they invite me to speak and then they come up to men afterwards and they say ‘you know Mister Sherman, Mister Sherman,’ ‘no, I say that’s my dad, I’m Casey’ and they say ‘we weren’t really interesteed in this book. It wasn’t the genre that we like but we read it and I felt like I had lost my sister. Then I though what would I do if that happened to me.’ And that’s exactly how I wanted to present this case to the people, I wanted them to really feel it in their hearts,” said Sherman.

The movie will be coming out in 2015 on “The Finest Hours.”

Sherman also took a trip to France with dozens and dozens of survivors of the Boston bombing. He’s writing a book about that too called “Boston Strong.”

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