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Discover Outer Space in Bridgeport


There’s always something to discover at the Discovery Museum and Planetarium in Bridgeport, CT, this is a place for kids of all ages. There is 20,000 square feet of exploration to be done in this building. On the top floor, we learn through interactive exhibits about sound and light and renewable energy. On the main floor visitors can learn indoors about zip lines and about the science of this activity. A fan favorite is the lower level where there are multiple exhibits about outer space where you’ll see a lunar rover, see what wearing a space suit is all about and the topography of the Moon.

There is also a special exhibit on Gustave Whitehead’s “First in Flight” exhibit. Connecticut’s own Gustave Whitehead added an enormous contribution to the world of aviation and some have said he was actually the first man in flight.

Nearly 55,000 children participate in the museum’s science programs and outreach activities each year. I you have an young aviation enthusiast in hour home, this is a good place to start to get the ball rolling on a future in space.