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Meet Franz Schubert’s Great, Great, Great, Niece

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She’s quirky and a whole lot of fun. Elizabeth Schubert is an “in-your-face” classically trained clarinetist who grew up in Long Island, New York…she no lives in Miami. She will tell you straight out she wants to be the “Lady Gaga” of classical music.

She just happens to be a distant niece of the famed Austrian composer Franz Schubert…219 years seperate their births.
She has played all over the world in symphonies and orchestra and she told me about a little secret that few now about her Uncle.

There was some unpublished music left to her family. He was famous for his unfinished symphony…which was his 9th…but it actually was finished by music scholar, Martin Chusid who has been in touch with Elizabeth.

How do you get a hold of her? Find her here on Twitter: @AnastasiaVonB

Her email is:  elizabeth_schubert@hotmail.com