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Average Joe Photo Show

image59It’s a photo show with a purpose that you can get involved with by uploading a picture shot with a mobile device.

The Average Joe Photo Show, the brain child of two Connecticut women will benefit Water.org, a world-wide organization that draws attention to the need for water around the world…
The photo you submit must have water in it to qualify.

The creators of this event, Lori Warner of the Lori Warner Studio and Gallery and Rebecca Steiner say:

“If you go throughout the world, it’s likely that most people have access to a cell phone, you may not have one but there’s a possiblity they may be able to use one, and that’s the hope is that this would be the most accessible, piece of technology at this juncture, why water.org what lept out at you that you wanted to tie this photo show with water?

I think we were looking for a philanthropic component, because that’s very important to us personally and also use the gallery as a platform to do some sort of philanthropy and we were trying to think of an element that we could also include as the subject in the photos and to have a clear, a clear format for people to kind of use as a framework and so water.org and thinking water there’s a lot of water around here, the other thing too is that in this day and age, people really need cell phones to survive professionally, socially, but everyone needs in a literal sense water to survive.”







AVG JOE.Invite.Final.MedReshere is the wqeb site http://averagejoephotoshow.com/   Lori Warner, Rebecca Steinerimg