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Dinosaur State Park

10008519_644642258936325_734197345_nWelcome to Dinosaur State Park where fossilized dinosaur tracks have been preserved to become a wondrous attraction for the Nutmeg state. In 1966 a bulldozer uncovered three-toed tracks during construction which then halted building to see what else might be found and sure enough there were more tracks found from the beasts that once roamed the earth, make that Connecticut. Connecticut  now has this great resource for learning about the prehistoric creatures that have so stirred the imaginations of young and old alike.10008377_644658112268073_1446152032_n

Under a dome at the park are the actual “eubrontes” (fossilized dinosaur tracks) with a visitor center surrounding them which includes exhibits about how the prints were discovered, how they were made, and more. There is a “track-way” across the prints for closer inspection that is aligned by a wonderful diorama depicting the scene.

In addition to all of this there’s an auditorium, an educational center, an arboretum and a gift shop. There are trails through the swamp (with bridges at key locations) on the grounds. So if you have someone in your family who loves dinosaurs, a visit to Rocky Hill is essential.

It costs nothing to walk the trails but to see the tracks and other exhibits under the dome the fees are $6 for Adults and Teens (Youth 13 and over), $2 (Ages 6-12) and children (5 years and under) get in free.

FREE Charter Oak Pass Holders * (CT residents age 65 or older can obtain the pass at the park).