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Father Paul Luniw’s Ukrainian Eggs


They’re beautiful one-of-a-kind works of art. Eggs painstakingly drawn on and dyed by Father Paul Luniw of  St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in Terryville.
He learned the art of making Ukrainian eggs when he was a child and since then has adorned all kinds of eggs, the largest, an Ostrich egg, taking up to 7 months to complete. The smallest is a finch egg.
All drawn by hand with no templates, or decals.
Father Paul came on NYBERG to talk about how he does this, what the colors all mean and about giving one of these eggs to a very special person at The Vatican.

Father Paul was born in Yorkshire, England but is of Ukrainian descent…he prays there will be no bloodshed in Ukraine as the region of Crimea has been taken by Russia.

Thank you to photographer, Bill Koczocik for taking all of these shots of these magnificent Easter eggs.

Father Paul can be reached for more information and for seminars on his art  HERE:  paul_luniw@yahoo.com


****After our interview, a few weeks later, Father Paul dropped off this magnificent egg as an Easter present…it’s just beautiful! He asked me what colors I liked, and I said red and turquoise and voila! Here it is!