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HUBCAP: Growing Wallingford’s “Main Street”

1185387_530402907073920_1667633313_nBusiness, community and education put them all together in towns across the state in an empty storefront and you have an incubator called “HUBCAP” that can crank out new and successful businesses.

This is a way to revitalize main streets in Connecticut and get high school students thinking about their future in this state.

That’s exactly what Hubcap is in Wallingford. The co-founders of this idea Liz Landow and Vincenzo Landino talked about it.

“We have the community factor which is Wallingford Center is there and we have the business factor, bringing in the incubator businesses and Vincenzo has been really strong on that part. And then we wanted to work in the education factor. That’s where we get the cap part of the Hubcap because by 2018, all students when they graduate will have to do a capstone project, meaning that they will have to combine real world experience with their studies, which is a life skill so that is a facility that they can do that. They can come and they can be mentored by some of the businesses. They’re also going to run the student-run cafe so they’re going to get that on hands practice,” said Landow.

The building on Center Street houses meeting rooms too.

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