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Madison Wool

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Oh, for the love of knitting! It’s a zen to be around fiber arts. For yarn enthusiasts, Madison Wool in Madison, Connecticut is one of those cozy  places you’ll want to spend some time in…somethng about all that yarn. My sister Carol, who is a cancer survivor, nailed it on the head when she told me “There’s something so soothing about yarn and all of the hues. Now I know why Grandma Waggoner loved that yarn shop so much called Erica’s in South Bend, Indiana.

At Madison Wool there are classes in knitting and crocheting and you can even learn to spin wool here too.bridge 276

The owner of the shop is Dayna Mankowski, she is friendly and warm and so helpful. If you dropped that stich and can’t figure out how to fix what just happened to your project this is a place to come to get it fixed.

I know first hand that Dayna is up on all the latest patterns and yarns because she attends the yarn shows and the farm’s markets, so if it’s out there she knows about it.

If you have been thinking about taking up a “yarn” hobby this is the place to learn. After class you can walk about in the bucoloic shoreline town of Madison and hop about its Main Street to the shops and restaurants. Then you can take a ride down to the shore, which is about one mile away. After all of this tell me your blood pressure doesn’t drop multiple points.