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Romance Author, Kristan Higgins

digger-KHKristan Higgins of Durham, Connecticut is a full-fledged New York Times bestselling romance author. She first put pen to paper, make that started typing, when her two children were young and  now 12 books later and more than a million books sold, she cranks them out two at a time every year.

Her stories are sweet romances set in small towns. She’s married to a firefighter who is by her side as she helps bring home the bacon to the household, one romance at a time. Kristan loves to bake and has written some of her recipes into her books and they are on her blog too HERE.

Her favorite book is “Gone With The Wind.” She’ s read it 14 times and she will reread it again and again…it  speaks to her.

Kristan is refreshingly  down-to-earth, extremely approachable. She told me she has had inquiries about one of her books called “The Best Man” from a movie company. Who knows what will happen. Something she told me as we parted company after the interview resonated. She said to nay author “remember your first book, because there will never be another first book.”