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Traveling? Take Connecticut’s “Squeeze Pod”

552880_388394111212810_1945304578_nOnce again we have Connecticut ingenuity at work in Connecticut. This is a brand new social responsibility business called “Squeeze Pod. The “Pod Father” and CEO behind this is a man from Madison by the name of Kevin Garrity. I have to tell you I know him, have for years, and have watched him labor over this new idea. The hand-wringing, and there has been a lot of it, was over packaging and manufacturing and the name. Did he have the right branding, are the colors right and on and on and on. Everything that innovators and entrepreneurs stay up late and night worrying about. Well, at some point you just have the put the parachute on and jump out of the plane and go for it, and Kevin Garrity has and here he goes with his company called Squeeze Pod.200027_478598725525681_1765917095_n

This is not Garrity’s first go ’round with business…this is “Act Two,” we should all be so lucky right? His Dad, Paul Garrity, years and years ago pioneered the first disposable cigarette lighter, and that company then grew into Garrity Flashlight which was sold  few years back. So what to do, what to do….well Kevin, the oldest of three sons, decided to venture out on his own to develop something from scratch and get into the travel industry…why not he logged more than 4 million air miles traveling the globe for the then Garrity Industries.

After September the 11th, travel changed for all of us and we had to get used to the 3 oz or under rule for liquids and that’s where Garrity’s company comes in. Squeeze Pod is just that..little pods with all-natural ingredient lotions and liquids you need to get on board for travel. So, Garrity is off into the wild blue yonder with his products and is hoping that it “takes off.” Gotta love this state with so many talented entrepreneurs. It is Garrity’s pledge by the way that when the company is successful there will be a mighty strong give back piece to charities he believes in. Oh, and this is a Made in The U.S.A. Company and that makes me smile.