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Circlemint: Children’s “Pop Up” Consignment Events


The’re sisters from Madison, Connecticut, four years apart and they each have two children. Grace Abdelnour Brueckner and Josefa Abdelnour came out of the corporate world and decided that part time work was the way to go for them now that they are Mothers and that’s when Circlemint was born. Twice a year they hold their huge pop up consignment evenst along the Connecticut shoreline.How did they come up with the name “Circlemint?” Circle, because clothing and toys and books and such are being recycled…coming full circle, and “mint” because the items they take in need to be in nearly mint condition.

It’s a great concept. They join with other partners, they make some money, consignors make money, they give some money to non-profits and everything that is unsold is given to local charities.

They have a Spring/Summer sale and a Autumn/Winter Sale and they are housed in places along the Connecticut shoreline. You can come and shop, have a cup of coffee and bring your children to try things on. They also have a place for your children to play at the event, seemingly they have thought of everything.

This concept is growing each time they have an event.The sisters are best friends and all the Moms in the state are benefiting from this wonderful union.