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Connecticut Day Trips

8210151764_50eb41b099_zThe other day in my exploration on the web about Connecticut I stumbled onto this wonderful blog about “day tripping” in Connecticut. It’s called “Connecticut Day Trips.” It’s maintained by a woman named, Elizabeth Larkin who says she moved away from the state and then moved back and learned to love it. What’s not to love right? Beaches, farms, mountains, hiking wineries, museums, arts and on and on and on. Elizabeth, Network Connecticut loves what you are doing in chronicling the state for those who live here and for those who are just passing by. You give them a great reason to get our of their cars and take a look around at the Constitution State.

Elizabeth also has some day tripping ideas for outside of Connecticut too if you’re seeking some getaway time in New York or New England.

You can find Larkin’s trips on Facebook here too: www.facebook.com/ConnecticutDayTrips