Innovation at Yale University


The Yale Entrepreneurial Institute…or YEI, has been up and running since 2007, joining students and staff and getting new products and services to market.

This is a program that is encouraging new ideas and making new businesses happen in the state.

The Managing Director of YEI, Jim Boylesaid  to me, “If you look  around at higher education right now and what all the other peer institutions are doing, we’re all trying to encourage innovation amongst the student population, while they’re still students, we’re not waiting for graduation to ask them the question do you have an idea…we’re asking the question sometimes on the way in to the college experience,

I asked Boyle how the general population looks at what Yale is doing and how they may apply it somewhere.

Jim Boyle “we’ve tried very hard at Yale to partner with both the city of New Haven as well as with the state, in the city it’s with the Grove and with the state it’s with Connecticut Innovation so we have relationships with them where we try and encourage entrepreneurs who want to work with us to either get resources either thru the city or from the state.”

The Grove  is a co-working space in New Haven for artists and entrepreneurs and incubator for new ideas.