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Matthew A. Weed is Changing Lives


Matthew Weed, blind since the age of 8 and a diabetic, has traveled around the world, participated in a rollerblading marathon, skied in Colorado, and co-invented tools that help the disabled.

It is not lost on Weed, 43, that all of this has been accomplished with the help of the many who have gravitated to him. And now the Yale researcher is writing about it in a book.

Do you have a title?

We’re kind of working on two possible titles; one, which was actually suggested by my old residential college dean at Silliman College at Yale, is, “Seeing the right thing to do,” the other is, “I can help you with that.” We’re not sure which direction we’re going to go yet.

What’s your book about?

It takes my life story and it takes the stories of about 100 people who have chosen to get involved in my life. Most of them have chosen, some of them have been forced by their jobs to get involved at some key signatory moments – like my ski instructor from when I was in Colorado. And then there’s friends who encouraged me to do my rollerblading marathon in 1999, several people who have been ski guides, people that I saw on my trip around the world in 2009, former students, former volunteers.

This is a book of gratitude, a book of inspiration. I think we all should be more involved in our communities and in the lives of people around us. I think we would be much better getting up off the couch and not watching TV or baseball or football or whatever it might be, and getting out in our communities and saying to people, I can help you with that, I can make a difference.20140401_185326

Weed hopes the book might turn into a movie. He’s also going back to motivational speaking to continue to give back.

How do you get a hold of Weed if you want to help him on his journey to be a motivational speaker and to get his word out there? You email him here: matthewweedspeaks@gmail.com


  1. boris_veysman
    Posted April 4, 2014 at 8:46 am | Permalink

    This man is a Visionary. No pun; reality. This kind of courage to live fully with responsibility and respect, embracing people, activities, and ideas is possible and invaluable for everyone who want to make the most of their life. He doesn’t see, but he sees what matters. Thank you for this glimpse of true inspiration.

  2. Ann Nyberg
    Posted April 4, 2014 at 9:07 am | Permalink

    Boris…he truly is..thank you for reaching out and comments here!