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Nutmeg Juntion Stops At The Beardsley Zoo


Have you been to Connecticut’s zoo? If you haven’t it’s time you traveled to Bridgeport and visit the prestigious Beardsley Zoo.With over 300 animals to discover, there’s always something wondrous to experience including the fantastic rainforest exhibit. Children love the prairie dog exhibit where guests can pop up to a glass viewing area to get a closer look. There are tigers and bison and so much more. Of particular interest is an exhibit that provides detailed information about the myths and the realities about wolves and the viewing area is first rate. Beardsley Zoo hosts an evening lecture series throughout the year. Learn about endangered habitats and what we can do to help our environment and the creatures who share our planet. Conveniently located off of Route 8 and 25 (take exit 5 which is Boston Ave) it’s a perfect stop for families and for adults that want to explore their world more.