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The Gilded Age, Northeast America

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A Long Island architect has found a niche, Gary Lawrance is making a living building tiny models of mansions which are in The Hamptons on Long Island. Lawrance’s love for the Gilded Age has also lead him to become an author of the book “Houses Of The Hamptons” and he is also a lecturer on the Gilded Age. His curiousity of these grand old homes built by the nation’s wealthiest started as a child. From a middle class family, his parents bought him all kinds of building blocks and he would take the lincoln logs and Legos what ever he could get his hands on, and build grand building, sometimes castles. As he got older, he started researching all the mansions in the Hamptons and in Newport and New York City and on and on.
Gary Lawrance became an architect, but always prefered buildings models for the actual buildings and that grew into a business. Before the economic crash in 2008, he was cranking them out for people building multi-million dollar homes who wanted a kind of small scale trophy to be able to visualize what they were building and to also keep it inside their homes once it was built.
Lawrance has recieved up to $20,000.00 dollars for some of his small models which can grow up to six feet in size.
In keeping with his love of yesteryear, he maintains the “Gilded Age Mansion” Facebook page  and Mansions of the Guilded Age blog which are attracting many in light of people’s love for the PBS series “Downton Abbey.”