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The Look For The Good Project~ Anne Kubitsky


Out of  tragedy came good, not only for Anne Kubitsky of Connecticut but all of the people she is connecting with around the world. She has started “The Look For The Good Project” leading the way with gratitude.

Anne is the author of four books and is guiding so many after an assault when she was just a teenager..that left her broken. She has found a way to heal through goodness and is teaching others how to find the light at the end of a dark tunnel.

In the beginning she invited people to send her post cards about what theywere grateful for and some six thousand items later from around the world the words are still pouring in. Some day all of this “gratitude” may have to go into a museum.

Now she does public installations for good  and she speaks on the topic too, all of this is helping her to find peace, she’s not sure where this will all end and she’s just fine with that, because she is filled with gratitude.

You can send a card of gratitude to the following address:

What I’m Grateful For, P.O. BOX, 602, Old Lyme, Connecticut, 06371