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Time Travel with a Fairfield Fashionista

bridge 275Bianca Turetsky is a Fairfield, Connecticut native who now lives in Brooklyn, New York and has taken her love for vintage fashion and history and put them into books for young girls aged 8 to 13. The series of books is called “The Time Traveling Fashionista.” There has been so much early success that she has just quit her day job to write full time. To date, the three books center around a character puts on a vintage outfit or a piece of jewelry and travels back in time. So far her books are  centered around the famed Titanic, Marie Antoinette and Cleopatra.

The beautifuly illustrated books are works of art and collector items for children, you almost can’t wait until the next one comes out. Turetsky’s brilliant idea of connecting fashion with history in a fun way is resonating with young people. She admits she is obessed about the idea of these worlds colliding and is continuing to build on it. She has plans for old fashioned cut out dolls and wants to put together a kit for Mother and Daughter book clubs. I say bring it on!

To contact her or to get more information you can go to her web site Time Traveling Fashionista.