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Connecticut Explored Magazine


At this writing Connecticut Explored Magazine is twelve years old, I had never seen it but was thrilled to find it. It comes out quarterly and only has a subscription base of about 3500 and I think that should change…it is a beautiful publication and explores the rich history of the state. The tag line of “Connecticut history, one good store after another” is well put. I met the publisher, Elizabeth Normen when she came on my NYBERG to talk about a book that helps to celebrate a part of state history and its tenth anniversary and got up to speed on what was going on with the magazine.

This is the descriptor for the magazine:

“We’re the magazine of Connecticut history. We are a non profit organization; we celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2012.

In our pages and through collaborative programming with our partner organizations, we discuss and debate: “What happened here?” Through compelling stories and intriguing images, Connecticut Explored explores the state’s cultural heritage with the aim of revealing connections between our past, present, and future.

We are published by a consortium of organizational partners that represent the best heritage, educational, and arts organizations in the state. That’s your assurance that this a high quality–and highly readable–magazine.

Our ultimate goal is to gain a greater sense of what makes Connecticut unique. This is a publication that covers the depth and breadth of our state’s history in articles of high quality but with a dash of irreverence that make for lively reading and wide appeal.

Plowing Tobacco Along the Hog River

Above all, Connecticut Explored is a meeting place in print — a place where readers encounter the fascinating, and often untold, stories of our state’s people, places, and events.

We’d like to hear from you. With your input, this publication will truly reflect the interests of the community. We know there are many fans of local history out there and this is a magazine for you and by you. Please suggest story ideas and writers.

And do subscribe. Be a part of an important effort to raise awareness of our state’s rich cultural heritage.”