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Living A Beautiful Life~ Alexandra Stoddard

IMG_7859My cousin, Margaret out in Indiana (we’re five months apart in age) sent me this book “Living A beautiful Life” shortly after it was published. I had my oldest daughter Lindsay and I was living in a three family home in New Haven on Quinnipiac Avenue…things were hectic. This book gave me such pleasure about just doing little things for yourself as a Mom. Fast forward decades, I meet the author, Alexandra Stoddard at her home for tea in Stonington, Connecticut. Alexandra practices what she preaches…her home was as lovely as reading the book. I would say to you, order it…it was a road map for me all those years ago and could be for you too, just to slow down and love the simple pleasures in life. It has a different cover now…but it has been printed over and over and over again because it resonates.