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The National WWII Memorial

Nothing like visiting the breathtakingly beautiful National WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. especially at nighttime. The senses are just heightened.

On a very hot August night that’s where I found myself along with a few others taking it all in.. Thinking about how many sacrificed so much so we could be free.

The memorial is aligned so that you can see the dome of the U.S. Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. There is a gold wall of stars signifying the 400,000 who gave their lives. There are bronze wreathes above the name of each state that line the memorial. It is a fitting tribute to those who were so brave and we as Americans need to pause to remember. No better place to do that then at this special place in the nation’s capitol.

My daughter just wrapped up a summer internship in Washington, D.C. and learned so much at such a young age about journalism and freedom and how the government works. Her life is ever enriched because of that.

She saw the ebb and flow of the legislature in both houses, covered the hearing of the newest Supreme Court Justice, Elena Kagan and more mundane things that take up a reporter’s day.

I feel certain that she fell in love with this town and the areas around it and will be back for more sooner than later.

Knowledge is power and boy has she been enlightened.

****Post script, Sarah ended up going to grad school at George Washington University.