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I’ve known about the “Nyberg” cars for years, since I was a kid, but I would venture to guess that none of you reading this has probably ever heard of them. One writer describes the cars as popular, though not sure where, but I do think at least one of the models was rather stylish.

The Nyberg in the photo is the one I like the best, looking like a touring vehicle to me. The cars were made by this Swedish guy by the name of Henry Nyberg, don’t believe he was a relative and what is written according to the “Henry Nyberg Society of Sweden” is there was once upon a time Nyberg Motor Cars. Henry established himself in Chicago but later moved to Anderson, Indiana to build the Nyberg Car in the early 1900′s. The first Nyberg was rolled out on March 30th, 1911.

As was the case in the car industry at that time, building a car was extremely labor intensive, all made by hand, can you imagine that these days?

According to Anderson Car History, The Nyberg could seat seven on so called “lurkish” cushions, had six cylinders, 60 hp, and a 138 inch wheel base. It had electric starting and lighting. It was outfited with a Rutember motor, Warner transmission, Schebler carburetors and Remy magnetos standard. Wait for it….it sold for $2,100.00 dollars.

I’d love to take it for a spin, if I could find one. Could it be possible that there is one of the Nybergs in Connecticut? You know where to find me.